Daanish Charity football tournament

Afghanistan faced a 7.5 magnitude earthquake. Daanish foundation has made the decision to host a last-minute fundraiser in hopes of raising funds for disaster relief.
100% of the proceeds will go directly to Afghanistan’s relief efforts.

We are pleased to announce that we have the following teams so far, for the upcoming Daanish charity football tournament:

1.Equalizer FC
2.Hayes Afg FC
3.Maimana FC
4.Kabul City
5.Grahame Park
6.Ariana FC
7.Ariana u21
8.Logar FC
8.Southall FC
9.Feltham FC
10.Rosedale College
11.Team Warriors
12.Northolt FC
13.Herat FC

Entry deadline Saturday Afternoon

We hope that you all have a great, pleasant and competitive games. Let’s make it a remarkable day.


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